The winning lawsuit strategy in court

The best medicine to win a lawsuit in court is to have solid supporting evidence or counter-evidence in the case you have to prove your position. There are different positions you may assume in a lawsuit, one where you are either the complainant or the accused. A formula to a winning case is evidence which is presented logically, strategically and with well researched legal information.

Here is how you may win a lawsuit in court:

  1. Conduct thorough investigation on your lawsuit

Your focus should be on the facts of the case in question, and it must answer your friendly Ws, What actually happened, how it happened when it happened, who was involved, why it also happened. This is because, after the first presentation of the case and first examination, there is the cross-examination which may be tricky. Pay attention to cross-examination questions, most of them are to trick you into answering inconsistently thereby using that against you. Remember you have the right to ask for a question be rephrased if you do not understand. “I move for a more definitive statement.”

  1. Support your lawsuit with solid evidence

A water-tight case comprises solid evidence, even if you have the best lawyer, without solid evidence your chances of walking away victorious are limited. Cutting-throat solid evidence can also help you save the costly legal fees because it may reduce the work of going to look for further evidence to try to make your case credible which may consume more time meaning the legal costs increasing. A great example is video footage. Videos have not found great manipulation on editing yet compared to photos where people edit through Photoshop.

  1. Research on how previous lawsuits have succeeded

Taking time to go look for previous information on similar cases as a reference is critical to winning in court. Be acquainted with legal information, and rules of court in order to have confidence in presenting your case. You can save legal fees through proper research or investigation on how to win a lawsuit even without legal representation through a lawyer.

  1.  Find a well-acquainted legal representative

A legal representative who is well acquainted with a great legal background is going to be representative who is unapologetic, firm and willing to work tirelessly on your case to prove your claim. A good lawyer is not entirely enough to give you a great representation if they are not going to give the lawsuit undivided attention. In the United States lawyers tend to focus on many cases at a time and find the attention to each case your key to nailing a successful lawsuit.  So it is imperative to have legal savings by including them in your monthly bills. Legal action can be taken against you when you least expect it or you may need legal support at some point, therefore it is advisable to save legal fees for such days.

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A lawyer dies. At the cemetery, people are appalled to see that the tombstone reads, “Here lies George Philip, L.L.D., Wills, Divorce, Malpractice.”
Suddenly, the wife bursts into tears. Her brother says, “You should cry, pulling a stunt like this!”
Through her tears, the wife replies, “You don’t understand! They left out the phone number!”


Question: What’s the difference between a female lawyer and a pit-bull?
Answer: Lipstick!


Question: What’s the difference between a dead coyote in the road and a dead lawyer in the road?
Answer: There are skid marks in front of the coyote!


Question: What’s the difference between a lawyer and a vampire?
Answer: A vampire only sucks blood at night!


Question: What’s the difference between a lawyer and a catfish?
Answer: One is an ugly, scum sucking bottom-feeder and the other is a fish!

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