How to Read Legal Statutes …

Know What the Law Says!
One of the biggest case-losing mistakes is mis-reading statutes.
If you don’t know what the law says, you’ll have a hard time getting a judge to agree with you!
Statutory language must be interpreted according to well-established “rules of statutory interpretation”.
The rules of statutory interpretation are vital to winning your case.
You need to know how courts interpret what the law makers meant when they wrote the law!
Too many “assume” they know what a statute says, but the only opinion that counts is what controlling appellate courts say a statute says.
Appellate courts apply rules of statutory interpretation. Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-step
You must learn these rules … if you want to win!
Judges should never be allowed to play games with lawmakers’ words.
Know the rules of statutory interpretation.
Our “How to Win in Court” course explains.
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One of the renowned lawyers in Texas used the services of a city prostitute who unfortunately forgot to take her panty from the lawyer’s car.

Afterwards he drove home and as usual his wife came in open arms, hugged him warmly and led him into the house.

The man then remembered, “Honey please rush to the car and pickup some chicken for dinner. Sorry,  I was a bit preoccupied and forgot to pick it up myself and bring it with me”.

The loving wife dashed to the car. She got into the car, and what met her eyes? …a woman’s panty! “Caught this idiot today”. You thought you could escape this time round!” She muttered. Angrily and with all her strength she tore the panty into pieces and rushed back to the husband ready to tear him down.

During all this time the man had realized his folly and was ready. Was he was smart enough?

“Now why do you ruin my life?” the lady asked. “You, … #X$?”

“Do you realize what you have just done … ???” the husband stammered outrageously, “That’s the case of ten million dollars I told you about yesterday and the panty was part of the evidence that am I presenting before court tomorrow? Why do you rush into action without at least asking me about it first?  Where is the panty?”

Unbelievably the wife was so sorry.  She even went to look for the torn pieces and brought them back to her husband with a promise never to repeat the mistake. She couldn’t imagine her husband losing  a 10 million case over her action.

The man went inside the bathroom, said a short prayer and came out smiling on his victory.

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