May 2019

Your #1 Right!

People complain about their “rights” are being taken away. A few are ready to fight-and-die to protect our “rights”. But only a few know their #1 Right! In fact, the main reason we’re losing so many rights these days is that too few of you know your #1 Right! What is this “right” too few […]

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Good Legal Writing

What is good legal writing? Impress the judge? Confuse the opponent? Or … win your case? Your goal is: make a winning record! Too many pro se litigants miss this point. Any words not making a winning record must go! Learn to write with punch, power, and persuasive effect. Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-step Legal writing […]

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Finding Evidence – Part Two …

Requests for Admissions are cool tools. A request for admissions is a list of facts your opponent is required to admit or deny within a set amount of time or have those things treated as admitted! Requests for Admissions are POWERFUL! Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-step If you know how to use them tactically. They are […]

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