April 2019

Finding Evidence – Part One …

Evidence is the “stuff” that wins cases. Do you know how to find it? One way is with interrogatories. Interrogatories are written questions others must answer under oath … or go to jail! Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-step For example, one interrogatory I serve on opponents reads, “Identify all persons having first-hand knowledge of any material […]

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Know The Rules

Protect Yourself From Lawyers

… Especially Your Own! Do you know what it takes to win? If not, do you plan to hire a lawyer to go to court for you? But, you probably don’t have a clue what your lawyer should be doing. You can save thousands in lawyer fees by doing some work yourself and cut down […]

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Case-Winning Paperwork, Part Two …

Impress the judge? Confuse the opponent? Or, win the case? In law, the goal is to win! Every word, spoken in the courtroom or written on paper filed with the clerk and served on the other side, must aim toward a specific goal. Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-step. Any words not aimed at the goal must […]

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Why Pro Se Litigants Have a Hard Time.

Ever wonder why you were never taught anything about court procedure or the rules of evidence in your tax-supported schools?

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Case-Winning Paperwork … Part 1

Want to drive your opponents nuts? Tie them down with word-power! Stuff your opponents in a word-box and win your case! Most pro se people don’t understand … so they lose, needlessly. Many lawyers don’t understand … so they also lose, needlessly … and take their client’s money anyway! Sentences with ONE VERB. Sentences with […]

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How to Read Legal Statutes …

Know What the Law Says! One of the biggest case-losing mistakes is mis-reading statutes. If you don’t know what the law says, you’ll have a hard time getting a judge to agree with you! Statutory language must be interpreted according to well-established “rules of statutory interpretation”. The rules of statutory interpretation are vital to winning […]

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