February 2019

Offers of Proof …

Expect your opponent to try to stop you. Make an offer of proof immediately! Offers of proof show the court on the record what the offered evidence is and what the evidence tends to prove Failure to get evidence admitted is fatal! If you don’t get your evidence admitted and don’t make an offer of […]

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Control Judges

Not all judges do well in court — without help from …

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“American Legal System Is Corrupt Beyond Recognition”

Federal Judge Edith H. Jones Tells Harvard Law School: “American Legal System Is Corrupt Beyond Recognition” https://judicial-discipline-reform.org/docs/CA5_JEdith_Jones_corrupt_legal_sys.pdf “The legal aristocracy have shed their professional independence for the temptations and materialism associated with becoming businessmen. Because law has become a self-avowed business, pressure mounts to give clients the advice they want to hear, to pander to […]

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Depositions let you show people things and ask them questions under oath with an official court reporter making a written record before trial. The deponent (person being deposed) is exposed to criminal penalties for perjury (lying under oath). Depositions are your opportunity to put your opponent and every necessary witness under oath before trial and […]

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Dare Not Truest Attorneys


Trusting Lawyers Loses Lawsuits!

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